Pledge for Peace

We are the new generation, and bullying has gotten to an even more deadlier level. Theirs no escaping it now especially with the phenomenon, cyber bullying. Due to technology with such popular devices as cellphones, and computers, of course. Also with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. And also, blogs, forums, chat rooms, etc. It’s our time to stand up, be heard, and help detain this issue. It’s our time to spread the word and educate others on the subject. It’s also our time to stand up for others in need of help, to be someone’s friend during their hard times, making a special difference. So sign this pledge today to start the journey ahead for peace! Also help spread the word and email, post, etc. To friends, family and even colleagues, because we want to make it be heard, so let’s make that happen with a lot of love and teamwork!
Click Here to Sign Petition/Agreement!

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