Spread the Love, Not the Hate!

Dear Readers,

As you can see this site is about: BULLYING. Here we have information about bullying, cyber bullying, also tips, resources, and much more including a pledge you can sign! Click Here to Sign Petition/Agreement! This is where you sign your signature to promise to not bully nor cyber bully, and help take a stand against this deadly subject. We all know very well what bullying is, but do we all know how much pain, and suffering it can cause to a person, and even their family? This is our time to help take a stand and together stop this war! We’ve heard enough cases of bullying gone wrong, and enough families paying the price of the deadly outcomes. So look around the site and educate yourself, others, and help spread the word. You can share this site with others on social media sites like, Facebook, twitter, and MySpace. Also you can email it to your friends, family, and even colleagues! Today it’s time to make a difference, and even help others with this problem, because we’ve had enough hate. Now it’s time for peace!

With Love & Peace,
Sierra Terrell

Here’s a video with a powerful message about rising above all hate, so enjoy!